Ultrasound Clinics

Of all the applications of “Make a Bear” this is perhaps one of our favourites.


We supply to Ultra Scan Clinics around the world – our patented closure system allows a recordable sound module to be inserted inside a Bear.


The clinician simply records the baby’s heartbeat on to the module and inserts inside the Bear to be played back over and over again. Perfect announcement gift or sibling keepsake.


It’s hardly surprising that “Make a Bear” Bears in Ultra Scan Clinics are such a huge success.
Contact us now to find out how easy it is to add this wonderful offering to your clients.


  • Choose one of our 2 recordable devices

  • Record Baby’s heartbeat during the ultrasound session

  • Insert recordable in one of our supersoft furry friends

  • Create a lasting and memorable keepsake for family and friends!

Reasons to go TM!

  • Large selection of baby friendly animals and designs!

  • Two recordable modules to choose from in 16 and 22 second lengths.

  • Replaceable batteries that can be switched without losing the precious recording!

  • Additional accessories for gender reveals – bows, bowties, baby girl and baby boy T-shirts.

  • Huge variety of T-shirts and hoodies for personalization!

  • All our products adhere to the strictest safety standards!

BUT WAIT! There’s More! Teddy Mountain Custom products!

  • Create a personalized touch! We offer bulk T-shirts for printing, or we can print shirts for you, starting as low as 24 pcs per design.

  • Our items are the cutest! But if you want something that would fit just you, let us know and we can design something awesome!

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