Family Entertainment Centres


Fun for the whole family! Add the make your own experience to your existing party packages! Increase your sales! Increase the fun! Bear stuffing can be an add-on or stand-alone experience for all ages!


Whether creating a special keepsake from a fun family outing, an activity at a birthday party or special event, building your stuffed animal makes it so much more special! An easy upsell solution, great craft activity and awesome keepsake! No need for a goodie bag!


  • Huge selection of plush and accessories to fit any theme!

  • Machines available for any size event or venue! No room for a machine?

  • Don’t worry! We got you covered with bulk fiber or handy individual fiber bags!

  • Large selection of printable T-shirts for customization or crafts!

  • Options for large and small venues and everything in between.

BUT WAIT! There’s More! Teddy Mountain Custom products!

  • Looking for a full custom item- We love custom! Provide us with your ideas, photos, budget and time frame and we’ll do our best to make it a reality. All we need is your ideas and plenty of time.

  • Don’t have much time, or have a limited budget? We offer a bulk T-shirts for printing, or we can print shirts for you, starting as low as 24 pcs per design.

FEC is good to have when there are people around

Each and every item is certified (codes) and is gluten free. This guarantees full compliance with all laws and rules in every part of the world. Our extensive Safety certificate library is available to our registered clients 24/7.

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